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No gelato on the Spanish Steps?!

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

What the hell kind of Roman summer will this be?

City Hall is banning all those enjoying a Roman holiday this summer from snacking near the sights in Rome’s historical center with fines up to $80.

Officials say they want to preserve artistic treasures and decorum in a city that has millions of visitors every year.

The ordinance also bans the homeless from setting up makeshift beds and cracks down on drunks, litterbugs and nighttime revelers loitering in central areas.

It says unless the situation is “kept under control” misbehaving visitors will “irreparably damage the preservation of historical and art areas and monuments and the possibility to enjoy them.”

The ban, passed on July 10, began this weekend and stays in effect until the end of October.

Police are actually making people throw out their drinks and snacks when they’re perched on the Spanish steps or hanging out after throwing a coin in the Trevi Fountain.

Jesus, what’s next? Fingerprinting and registering all the gypsies? Oh wait.