Egyptian skulls dug up in Manchester garden

The poor homeowner thought he’d bought a serial killer’s house when human skulls started turning up in the garden.

Instead, he was just the fortunate beneficiary of the previous homeowner’s bargain hunting in the Sinai peninsula.

After analysing them, they found the skulls to be Egyptian artefacts between 2,054 and 2,144 years old.

The owner of the skulls turned out to be the house’s previous owner Carl Bracey.

Dr Bracey had been on holiday in the Sinai peninsula in the Middle East as a teenager when he was offered the skulls.

He brought them back to England and had kept them ever since.

His partner however was not fond of the skulls and repeatedly asked him to dispose of them as they frightened the children.


Anyway, the skulls are back in Egypt now, happily repatriated.