Anno nuovo, vita nuova

Happy New Year, all! :boogie:

Thank you for reading, and for staying with me through my shameful breaks. :blush: All in all, I have to say I’m pretty psyched I managed to write fairly reliably over the last year, especially considering my supershameful false start way back in ’06.

My resolution this year is to move from fairly reliable to straight-up reliable. I’m also thinking of doing a little more actual reportage, like contacting sources if at all possible.

I’ve gotten a couple of stories wrong by just passing along information from the article, and only found out that there were inaccuracies when one of the principles happened across this blog and commented, most notably in the awesome rostrum story.

I don’t want to overreach, though. My attempts to contact sources thus far have failed more than they’ve succeeded. If I manage to post daily with maybe a planned week off here and there, I’ll be a happy camper.

How about y’all? Would you like to see anything particular from this blog in the new year? More/fewer stories on a particular subject area, structural changes, style changes, anything at all?