Moar skeletons!

Twenty of them, this time, uncovered during city works in Cholula in the Mexican state of Puebla.

They’re pre-Columbian and were buried with a variety of offerings like vases and wind instruments.

Human rests were found in seating position with the arms closed in front of the chest, most of them facing north; others were found lying down.

The remains were part of some of the last Tolteca-Chichimeca seigniories; fragments of decorated ceramics were found with them, as well as pots and plates, a black bead necklace, and obsidian arrowheads.

Musical instruments found with bone concentrations integrated by inferior jawbones, are zoomorphic and anthropomorphic whistles, flutes and 3 ocarinas with the forms of a dog, a monkey and an owl.

The skeletons and artifacts have all been moved to the Cholula Site Museum lab for further examination and conservation, along with an adobe block found at the scene with the remains of a mural still visible on it.

The remains of a wall and foundation were not movable, so they were covered up for their own security and will be protected for later study.