Thracian silver and gold found in Bulgaria

Thracian silver vessels, 1-2 c. A.D.Bulgarian archaeologists excavating near the south-eastern town of Karanovo have uncovered a lavishly appointed tomb dating to the late first and early second century A.D.

Thrace had been annexed into the Roman Empire by then, but clearly their skill at fine metalwork was still going strong.

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So far no human remains have been found in the 12 square meter tomb, but they’ve only just begun digging and have already found a cache of precious offerings.

Placed in the aristocrat’s tomb for use in the afterlife, there were two silver cups with images of the god of love, Eros, and a number of other ornate silver and bronze vessels.

In addition, the archaeologists also discovered a chariot and fragments of a shield.

The archaeological team is building a protective structure around the tomb so excavations can go on even during the harsh winter. The priceless artifacts already uncovered may be only the beginning.

This tomb most likely belonged to an aristocrat, hence the preponderance of precious metals and the warrior accouterments. Here’s hoping they find some inscriptions so we can know who exactly earned himself such a shiny send-off.