Well that was horrific

You may have noticed your trusty blog about history has not been so trusty the past couple of days. A server update is apparently the culprit. The site went down Thursday afternoon and we’ve been struggling ever since to get it back. Finally the planets aligned and we are back. Buggy and error-riddled, but I’ll take it for now while we iron out the kinks.

The trauma of the last few days has only underscored how desperately important it is that I upgrade the software of this site. It’s ancient and all kinds of features are broken because of it. Perpetually perched on the razor’s edge of functionality, it can fail at the least provocation. That means we’re going to have to say goodbye to my old-fashioned theme and the blog will look completely different. As history nerds tend to like old-fashioned things, I’ve dragged my feet to avoid having to make so big a change. Time to face facts.

I’m so sorry for the outage. Real post coming up.


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Comment by Cheryl
2017-02-11 09:37:50

I’ve been in history withdrawal these last few days – I’m glad the site is back up! I’m just happy to have your blog posts to read, no matter what the site looks like :)

Comment by JoeP
2017-02-11 09:42:09

Ominously coinciding with news of hacking activity – WordPress blog vunerablilty – Freethought Forum

Glad it’s all back now!

Comment by JoeP
2017-02-11 09:44:23

Ominously coinciding with news of WordPress hacking! Glad it’s all back up.

Comment by Rebecca
2017-02-11 09:48:09

We love you, LD, no matter what the theme looks like. Good luck with all the upgrades! And if you need a smile, check out Donaeld the Unready on Twitter, who complains that monks are writing fake chronicles about him. Bad! Norse merchants treating his daughter unfairly. Sad! Make Mercia Great Again!

Comment by Rebecca
Comment by Pamela
2017-02-11 10:20:09

Take your time to get it right. Most of us history nerds are pretty patient.

Comment by RMW
2017-02-11 10:21:58


Comment by Magical
2017-02-11 10:27:05

Ugh! Issues like this are exceedingly stressful to deal with and I’m sorry you had to deal with it! Take a deep breath and don’t worry, I’m sure many will agree with me that a wrokig functional site is more important than keeping the theme, no matter how much we like it <3

Though from a personal perspective I do hope you don't go down what seems to be the current trend of light grey on white as that's almost impossible to read for people like me who have issues with reading things that have such a low contrast.

Comment by Beverly Short
2017-02-11 10:55:09

Vent all you like, it’s the content that is so fascinating. I look forward to the new and exciting look of your blog.

Comment by C.A.
2017-02-11 11:14:40

Just Glad that you are back! I was in withdrawal, thought I was the error til I had a friend pull up the site.

Bona Fortuna!

Comment by Karlsdottir
2017-02-11 11:19:27

Oi! We feared the worst. Welcome back.

Comment by beck
2017-02-11 11:28:58

withdrawal here also. yikes! wishing you much luck.

Comment by Cordate
2017-02-11 14:14:48

Welcome back! Don’t stress too much, as Pamela says we’re patient and value your health more than the next day’s update :D

Comment by Edward
2017-02-11 14:16:38

I wondered what happened. I never post here but I have been reading this site for several years.

Comment by The Jannie
2017-02-11 14:43:43

Take your time. History doesn’t happen overnight . . . oh . . .

Comment by JoanP
2017-02-11 14:50:51

I care about the content a whole lot more than I care about the look! (Of course, on some sites, the look interferes with easy access to the content, but that’s something else entirely.)

Comment by Susan
2017-02-11 15:28:32

Glad you’re back on-line. I kept checking back hoping the not-very-helpful error message had been replaced by some history. You’re my favorite blog!

Comment by Virginia Burton
2017-02-11 16:49:26

Whew! Thank heavens you’re back online. This is the first thing I read every morning and I was getting the shakes from withdrawal!

Comment by sidthecat
2017-02-11 17:03:37

That’s the thing about the Interweb: it’s subject to sudden, inexplicable changes of mind.

Comment by Maaiqe
2017-02-11 18:04:44

Glad to see the site back online! It was a terrible few days without you ;-)

Comment by Rowan
2017-02-11 19:09:35

Adding my comment to say I missed you. Reading your blog has been one of my daily pleasures for six or seven years now. The past couple days have not felt complete without having one of your elucidating posts.

Comment by Charlie
2017-02-11 19:50:50

I was worried that you had met with some misfortune. Glad that isn’t the case.

Comment by karen
2017-02-11 21:32:26

i was heartbroken at the thought i had lost the history blog. now all is well!

Comment by angela
2017-02-12 00:29:28

I also felt bereft; so happy to see the site come up this evening. I love the way it looks now but would far rather lose the look than the content. :thanks:

Comment by vic
2017-02-12 02:03:18

Glad you’re back, thank goodness. Upgrade or die, is it? Pass a hat, I’ll throw a few in.

Comment by Thomas Hazlewood
2017-02-12 10:40:44

You say it’s time to upgrade your alembics and abacus? You apothecaries, always coming up with newfangled compounds and sech….

Comment by Renee Yancy
2017-02-12 13:36:30

Do you need some financial assistance to purchase software, computer, etc.? I, for one, would certainly step up to help because I so enjoy your blog. And I suspect many of your loyal readers would do the same. So will you let us know if we can help? We could set up a donation button or a GoFund Me account.

Comment by Chris
2017-02-12 15:28:45

Keep up the good work. This is my “go to” daily website. You do phenomenal work!

Comment by vic
2017-02-12 23:54:06

C’mon. Put up a Gofundme or a Paypal. We’ll help, I promise.

Comment by Clay
2017-02-13 13:32:45

Oh, thank goodness! I was beginning to worry.

I love the present style of the site, but I promise I’ll come here every day no matter what the new look is.

Well, unless there’s lots of pink kitties and hearts and rainbows and unicorns everywhere.

…Okay, probably even then, so never mind.

Comment by BarbaraJHAustin
2017-02-13 16:07:00

My mother’s typical response for such a situation would have been “this too shall pass.” I heard it a lot as a kid, but nothing frustrating ever passed quickly enough. Good luck with your site, good Livius.

Comment by Ambrosius
2017-02-17 00:53:58

New tech is preferable old habits , the main thing is to make sure that none of your wonderful history is lost to the bottomless pit demon of the ethersphere. I have seen so many wonderful blogs bite the dust when back up disaster struck and they didn’t have the heart to go on when their historical content was lost. Keep every precious morsel safe in triplicate. :(

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