US National Archives’ Virtual Genealogy Fair

In September of 2013, the US National Archives hosted a two-day Virtual Genealogy Fair featuring lectures from genealogy researchers on how to use the records of the Federal government to investigate family history. There is an incredible wealth of information made available to the public in these archives, and the lecturers focus on different areas of particular interest to genealogists including military personnel records, pension files, immigration documents and much more.

The National Archives’ YouTube channel posted most of the sessions from the first day of the Fair five years ago. Now the second day has gone online, 10 years after the event. They’re all worth viewing for anyone who is interested in doing their own genealogical research (you never know where you’re going to find key information) using resources available online.

Day 1:

Introduction to Military Records at the National Archives by John Deeben (presentation slides (pdf))

Introduction to Genealogy: Civilian by Rebecca K. Sharp (slides)

Alien Files (A-Files) by Elizabeth Burnes (slides)

Native American Records by Michael Wright (slides)

National Archives Online Resources for Genealogy by Nancy Wing (slides)

Day 2:

Genealogy and the Freedman’s Bank: Records of the Freedman’s Savings & Trust Company by Damani Davis (slides)

Military and Civilian Personnel Records:  The National Archives at St. Louis by Ashley Mattingly & Theresa Fitzgerald (slides)

Union Civil War Pension Files by Claire Kluskens (slides)

Federal Penitentiary Records by Jake Ersland (slides)

Finding U.S. Colored Troops at the National Archives by Trevor Plante

Genealogy Through Navy Deck Logs by Mark Mollan (slides)

Oh, The Stories They Tell: Chinese Exclusion Acts Case Files at the National Archives & Records by Marisa Louie (slides)