Tour wreck of Titanic by submersible for $66,257

Next year, to mark the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, luxury travel company Horizon & Co. is offering submersible diving tours of the wreck of the famous ocean liner.

For a mere $66,257 per person (double occupancy required), you can board an expedition dive ship in Halifax, Nova Scotia, that will take you to the wreck site where you and an expert will dive 12,500 feet under the icy North Atlantic waters in a Russian Mir submersible to tour the remains of Titanic. The dive to the bottom of the ocean takes about 2.5 hours. The submersible will then wind its way through the immense debris field before taking you through the ship itself — the bow section, the grand staircase, the bridge and the promenade deck — as your expert guide explains what you’re seeing. You’ll also get close-up views of the ship’s giant boilers and propellers, conditions permitting.

The trip lasts 15 days and is packed with lectures, films and presentations by historians, oceanographers and Titanic experts. A maximum of 20 passengers per expedition will ensure each person gets individualized attention, and even though the ship is no luxury cruiser but rather a working expedition ship meant to withstand severe weather conditions, you still get five-star cuisine served thrice daily included in the (exorbitant) price. Also there’s a gym.

If you’re a Titanic buff who prefers not to dive 12,500 feet in a Russian diving vessel on account of abject terror, you can still participate in the cruise for the bargain price of $12,498 per person, again based on double occupancy. There’s certainly plenty to do even for non-divers. The trip begins with a day in Halifax, the closest major port to the 1912 sinking, where your own personal tour guide and driver will take you everywhere in town that bears any kind of connection to Titanic. You’ll visit the pier from which the rescue ships departed to pick up victims, temporary morgues that were set up to deal with the bodies, and tour Fairview Lawn Cemetery where 121 victims of the disaster are buried.

You’ll also see the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic which has an extensive permanent exhibit on the tragedy, including the only intact Titanic deck chair in the world.

Once you’re at sea, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with explorers, scientists, divers and to board the Mirs for an orientation session before you plunge into the depths. The ship will remain at the wreck site for a full week to allow everyone the chance to take their four hour underwater tour of Titanic.

Tours depart June 30th, July 12th, July 27th and August 6th, 2012. I suspect tickets will go fast because let’s face it, getting to see Titanic in a Mir is just insanely cool and well worth even so crazy a price.

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  1. It appears that, if one were to re-arrange the deck chair in the opposite direction, then one would have a better view of the big picture behind it. So there.

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