7 thoughts on “Watch London burn again live!

  1. Unfortunately, I was not present when the Ustinov fella lit up the City of Rome.

    Back in 1993 on my way to Portugal, however, I had the opportunity to witness the truly infernal fireworks in Santiago de Compostela on the occasion of Año Santo Jacobeo – One of the best I ever saw.

    The event in London today, with the platform on the Thames, was probably also spectacular.

  2. Why does the song “Disco Inferno” keep running through my head?

    I live in region with large seasonal forest fires. If you’re under 45 and able bodied you can be called (hauled) out to fight them.

    I got called out at 19 and again at 32. A big fire is akin to a living thing, it creates it’s weather and conditions. They’re sneakier than the Spanish Inquisition. You think you’ve got it stopped and up the hill it comes, spreading via sparks and it’s own updraft. Days on steep slopes in oven hot conditions. Big fun.

    At least London was flat and there was a nice big river to run into.

  3. I recently read an extensive history of the London fire and its impact on London, and the larger impact as people relocated- both within England and to the American colonies and elsewhere. I found the film somewhat trivial in the face of the history of London of the time (political, social, economic, and civil). Maybe it got more interesting later on, but I didn’t bother watching after the discussion about fire as art. Like BruceT, I grew up in an area of the US western mountains in which fire was a regular fact of life. A cute little structure afire while floating in a big river has little impact on someone like me who has seen mountain ridges afire surrounding the small valley we lived in, all roads closed and too much smoke for a plane to land. That’s nature making a statement, and it is real. Like it was for the people who lived in those London buildings when they burned.

  4. The part about the kids working on the structure was good- would have liked to see more of that, and what it meant to them.

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