Programming Note (of Doom)

You know how when Howard Carter made a little hole in the sealed entrance to Tutankhamun’s tomb and peered through it and was struck dumb by all the treasures and Lord Carnarvon was all “Can you see anything?” and Carter replied “Yes, wonderful things”? Well, I can no longer put off the long-delayed software upgrade of the blog, so over the next two days WordPress will leap up like 20 versions and I will replace this sweet old theme with a new one that Google and cellphones won’t hate quite so much. Will you be able to see things? Yes, probably. If all goes well, there shouldn’t be much in the way of downtime. Will they be wonderful things? No. No they will not.

I’ve done this in a testing environment many times and the conversion has always been dark and full of terrors, mainly in the form of seriously messed up comment threads. Major problems that interfere with the rendering of the site will be fixed promptly, and in the long-term I will address the stuff that is functional but hideous. If that means I have to manually reenter every comment from the dawn of time, then that’s what it means.

The changes will make the site much more usable. I’ll be able to do things that were cutting edge a decade ago like automatically link to new posts on my dormant Twitter account and add a donate button which many of you very kind and supportive folks have asked about repeatedly. Most importantly, the blog will be far more secure and it won’t projectile vomit errors every time the server has a MySQL upgrade or a stiff breeze blows past it.

Please keep all your fingers and toes crossed, stroke your fascinus amulets, use the Liver of Piacenza as a guide when scrutinizing your next sheep liver, do whatever ritual you can think of, the more bizarre the better, and send all the good luck this way.

40 thoughts on “Programming Note (of Doom)

  1. Hooray for a DONATE button! I truly have felt guilty for all the pleasure I’ve received without contributing anything. This blog is amazing!

  2. Salve!
    Livius is so blessed to have such a wonderful extended family of devoted and caring readers. Libations to you all as the earthly manisfestations of all the gods and their gifts.
    Mater Familias

  3. and so do I – .. but will my comment ‘nest’ properly ?

    𐇔𐇬𐇒 𐇐 𐇑 : 𐇤 𐇥 𐇑𐇦 : 𐇧𐇬 : 𐇗 𐇐 𐇘 𐇙

  4. Best of luck on the upgrade (a very scary word.) You have acquired a lot of good karma by sharing your thoughts, interests and discoveries. It will help during this difficult time. I enjoy your blog very much, it always brings me pleasure and new subjects to investigate.

  5. Just nice and readable for my older eyes, please…no gray letters on white..can’t imagine why some folks do that..and all the great content you always do. Wishing you the best!

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