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You may have noticed there was a bit of technology hiccup earlier today which disabled the site for a few hours. It was an IP address problem which has now been corrected. Regular programming will resume tomorrow.

Because I hate to leave y’all jonesing for your daily history fix, here’s a quick shot in the arm courtesy of Historic Royal Palaces. After a long period of neglect and decay left it closed to the public for decades, the Great Pagoda at Kew Gardens has been fully restored to as close to its original 18th century splendor as possible. The holes cut through its roofs for bomb testing during World War II have been repaired. The 80 dragons that have been lost for two centuries are back, a product of the efforts of 3D printing technology and fine wood carving craftsmanship. The results leave nothing to be desired, and visitors can now drink in two spectacular views: the top-notch revival of a sadly forlorn monument and London from on high.

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Comment by Scott Glen Young
2018-08-22 23:33:59

Thanks, I got my fix for the day.

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Comment by Trevor
2018-08-23 04:15:12

Sadly, the only time I visited the Kew area, I chose instead to visit the motor museum next door.

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Comment by Karlsdottir
2018-08-23 10:35:45

You folks across the pond are awesome. Kudos! :hattip:

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