Update: The road on top of Tara

An update to one of the top 10 archaeological stories of 2007, the discovery of the 2000 year old henge at Lismullin and the Irish government’s plan to pave it over with a new highway.

NPR’s Marketplace has a segment about the protests. They take a rather patronizing approach to the story, opening with neo-druids casting spells against the road in the name of the White Mare Goddess, and there’s no mention of the EU’s lawsuit against the Irish government, but there is a money quote from the National Road Authority’s Mary Deevy:

Mary Deevy: Although it’s a national monument, that doesn’t mean it’s . . . no one can ever do any research or excavation or work on it.

Beard: Or build a road on top of it?

Deevy: Yes, and in this instance, or build a road on it, yes.