Historical anti-chav preservation

Children’s author Alan Garner has put his medieval house in trust rather than see it fall into the laquered and beclawed hands of footballer’s wives.

Garner said: “Despite denying children and grandchildren their inheritance, neither I nor my wife could bear the thought of the house falling into the hands of some footballer’s wife, who might destroy 10,000 years of heritage for the sake of building a swimming pool and a tennis court.”

Bummer for his kids, but I support his choice a hundred percent. The house seems amazing.

Garner said his home was a site of archaeological importance dating back 10,000 years and the thought of it being bulldozed to make way for a modern mansion horrifies both him and his wife.

He added: “We are continually finding artefacts from as far back as 10,000 years, the end of the last Ice Age.

“We also know that the house is built on a Bronze Age burial mound, one of several, and that beneath the house there are the remains of two further older houses and probably more dwelling places before then. It is a rare site and must be preserved.”