Like great-great-great grandfather, like son

Check out this neat feature on modern-day descendants of historical figures photographed in their ancestors’ most famous poses.

Nine times great-grandson of Charles II and long-time mistress Barbara Villiers, Lord Charles FitzRoy, a 50-year-old father-of-two, is a London-based fine art tour specialist.[…]

In our photograph, Charles is wearing a curly poodle wig and his fine moustache has been created by a make-up artist. He’s standing in front of a real drape but the rest of the background, and the suit of armour, have been digitally added. The sword and the staff are real.

Fun! It’s worth it for the outfits and props alone, never mind the coolness of replicating grandpa’s exact pose.

You know, if young Napoleon had just squinted his eyes a little bit, he’d have looked so much like his imperial ancestor. As it is, he looks like a bit dorky, or at least like he’s trying to choke back a guffaw. Wussy. Napoleon probably had to stand for that portrait for hours. Mr. de Salis just had to hold it a second for the camera.