Juliet’s balcony available for weddings and bar mitzvahs

j/k on the bar mitzvahs, but it really is opening for weddings. The city of Verona is hoping to market itself as the capital of love with the famous balcony as the epicenter.

Britons and other European Union nationals will be charged 800 euros (£740). Couples from outside the EU must pay 1,000 euros.

Locals will have to pay a comparatively cheap 600 euros, although that is still expensive when compared with an ordinary marriage certificate in Italy, which costs just 50 euros. […]

The balcony is part of a 14th century building known as Juliet’s House, which was once the home of the Cappello family – possibly the model for the Capulets of Shakespeare’s play.

Even more possibly not related to the play at all. There was no feud between the Cappelli and Montecchi, and no famous lovers that we know of. Shakespeare made it all up, basically, and now Verona is looking to cash in.

And why not? It’s a lovely, picturesque location, and down in the courtyard there’s a statue of Juliet which brings good fortune to people who rub her right breast. Hence the noticeably shiny patina in the chestal area.